New palliative care funding system workshops

The Palliative Care Funding Programme and eight pilot sites have been collecting data to inform the development of a new per patient funding system for palliative care since 2012 and completed their work in spring 2014.

Along with Together for Short Lives and the Palliative Care Funding Programme Team from NHS England, we hosted three workshops across England which focused on the pilots. The workshops were hosted in Bristol, Leeds and London.

Purpose of the workshops

The purpose of the workshops was to provide the hospice sector with:

  • An overview of the origins of the Palliative Care Funding Programme and the pilots.
  • An update on the progress made by the Programme and the pilots.
  • An opportunity to engage with the Programme and pilots.
  • A forum in which to consider and outline some of the potential challenges and opportunities of a new funding system.


The workshops were well attended by adult and children's hospices, and many different views on the funding of hospice and palliative care were expressed. However, a number of common concerns emerged, including:

  • The scope of the definition of 'dedicated palliative care' and its use in a new funding system.
  • Transitional arrangements to maintain the stability of the sector.
  • The resources that might be required to contribute to the ongoing development of a new funding system.
  • Whether a new national funding system will deliver local changes in commissioner practices.

Following the workshops, we produced an update briefing which sets out the origins of the Palliative Care Funding Programme, the role of the pilots and steps for developing a new funding system.

The workshops will inform our ongoing engagement with the Programme.

Presentations from the workshops

Please note that all data are provisional and subject to change.


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