CSIS Charity Fund Hospice Grants 2017

Closing date: Nov 20, 2017

The CSIS Charity Fund grant in 2017 is to support projects in hospices based in the North East of England or Wales that focus on carers of the terminally ill.  This would include both carers and those being cared for who are former, serving or retired civil and public servants or their families.

It is intended that this funding programme would lead to a greater capacity for hospices to provide tailored support and advice to carers based on the specific characteristics and needs of the carer and their situation.

The total grant available is £50,000 and we are looking to award 5-10 grants to hospices.

The deadline for applications is 20 November 2017.

Eligible organisations

CSIS Charity Fund are keen that this funding is used to support people in Wales or North East England. For the purposes of this programme only member hospices based in Wales or North East England will be eligible to apply.

Eligible projects

The ultimate beneficiaries will be carers of people with terminal and life-limiting illnesses, this includes:

  1. Serving, former or retired civil servants and public servants who are carers for someone in their family in need, hardship or distress due to a terminal and life-limiting illnesses, or
  2. Carers of someone who is/ was a serving, former or retired civil servant or public servant with a terminal and life-limiting illnesses.

We are seeking to fund hospices in the North East of England and Wales to deliver specific support and interventions for carers.  This may include

  • psycho-social (mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being) models
  • practical support e.g. in providing dignified bathing and toileting
  • peer-led support
  • peer-led signposting to community based services for wrap-round support
  • understanding the care needs of specific groups (e.g. defined by condition or socio-demographic identity such as men’s groups or older carers)
  • networking clubs and respite sessions for carers etc.

Please note these examples are for guidance only.

It is hoped that projects would  make a difference to carers by:

  • Reducing isolation
  • Increasing peer-to-peer support
  • Enhancing resilience
  • Improving emotional well being

Which in turn, would lead to:

  • Carers feeling more supported, capable and confident in their caring roles
  • Carers knowing where to turn for advice and guidance
  • A reduction in the negative impacts of caring (e.g. across emotional, financial and health measures)

We would encourage hospices to use validated tools such as the ‘carers needs assessment tool’ (CSNAT) to assess specific outcome measures. These could include: social isolation, social impact, well-being, access to other services and access to information.

This will allow projects to be monitored at the beginning to gather baseline values, and at various points throughout the grant timeline, to monitor any changes in behaviour and outlook of beneficiaries.

What is not eligible?

Examples of projects that are not eligible include:

  • Refurbishment of staff rooms or other non-patient facilities.
  • Staff training or any other revenue activity.
  • Information technology, which does not directly benefit carers or their families.
  • Medical equipment such as syringe drivers.
  • Routine maintenance that has no noticeable effect on the care environment.
  • Applications for work that forms part of a much larger project.
  • Work that has started before 20 November 2017.
If your proposed work fits the eligibility criteria above, then you can apply for a grant online.

How to apply

For more details on this programme, please read:


This grant has been generously donated by the CSIS Charity Fund, an independent charity linked to the Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS).

CSIS is a not-for-profit insurance intermediary which markets products exclusively to civil and public servants. Its annual trading surplus is paid directly into the charity where it is used to help relieve hardship and need amongst serving, former and retired civil and public servants and their dependants.

Due to the availability of this funding through Hospice UK, the CSIS Charity Fund are not able to consider any direct applications from hospices or hospice-led projects based in the UK.

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