Hospice UK responds to new Macmillan research on poor access to end of life care in deprived areas

Jul 06, 2017

Today new research by City, University of London and the Economic and Social Research Institute, funded by Macmillan Cancer Support is published which shows that improving end of life care for the poorest cancer patients could save the NHS £4.6 million a year.

Commenting in response, Carole Walford, Chief Clinical Officer, at national hospice care charity Hospice UK, said:

“This research highlights the stark inequities in end of life care for some cancer patients. There is an urgent need for investment to support services to collaborate across all care settings and bring good end of life care to all who need it, in the setting of their choice.

“Repeat emergency hospital admissions can be highly disruptive and stressful for patients and their families and place considerable strain on an already-over stretched NHS. The use of emergency care for those requiring end of life care should be appropriately anticipated and not a default option to support a lack of adequate community provision.

“Access to the right care should not be determined by someone’s postcode or socio-economic standing. Hospice UK is committed to tackling inequality to ensure that no-one is disadvantaged towards the end of their life. We are working to extend hospice care to more people and, where there is a need to access emergency care, to support other care providers to provide the best care possible within the limited resource available”.

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