Clydesdale Bank note auction raises over £50,000 for hospice care

Oct 16, 2017

Over £50,000 was raised for Hospice UK from the sale of new polymer bank notes from Clydesdale Bank. The money will go to support hospice and end of life care across the UK. 

The new, low serial number £10 notes from Clydesdale Bank feature poet Robert Burns, and were auctioned in three waves. The first two were online auctions, while the third was held by auction house Spink. 

The most sought after note online had the serial number 250159, which is Robert Burns’ date of birth. It sold for £172.50. In total, the online auction raised £2600 for Hospice UK, while the Spink auction of 92 notes raised a total of £49,140. Overall, £51,740 has been raised to date in the bank note sales. 

Catherine Bosworth, Director of Income Generation for Hospice UK said “we are thrilled with this result. It is only possible because of the support of Clydesdale Bank, the expertise of Spink, and everyone who bid on the notes. Thank you. The money raised will make a real difference to people with terminal illness and their families across Scotland  and throughout the UK, so thanks again to everyone who gave so much to make this a success.”

Jacqui Atkinson, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks’ Partnership Manager, said: “We are delighted that the auction of rare bank notes has raised so much for our charity partner Hospice UK.” 

Hospice UK has been a partner of Clydesdale Bank for nearly ten years. This partnership has raised almost £1.3 million for 14 Scottish hospices to support those with terminal illnesses in their local communities. In addition Clydesdale Bank together with sister organisation Yorkshire Bank, have raised a total of £5.8 million for all those who need hospice care across the UK.

There are 16 organisations providing hospice care in Scotland, which between them support over 20,000 people and their families each year. However, an ageing population means Hospice UK estimates that in the next 5 years 53,000 Scots will die without receiving the end of life care they need. Buying a Clydesdale Bank note not only provides a unique item, but also helps fund the end of life care we may need.

In the most recent year for which numbers are available, Hospices in Scotland supported 20,600 people, most of them at home or as day patients. They provided bereavement care to 2,700 adults and 500 children, and benefited from 300,000 hours of volunteer support. 

More information about the notes and the auction can be found here 



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