Hospice UK responds to pay rise for NHS staff in Scotland

Jul 03, 2018

The Scottish Government has recently offered NHS staff in Scotland a 9% pay rise over three years.

This follows the First Minister’s recent announcement that certain staff will receive a 3% uplift backdated to April for the current year. The Scottish Government says this is a pay rise which “not only matches the NHS England deal, but exceeds it”.

The deal is under consultation with unions split over whether members should sign up or not, and questions over what the longer term plan will be.

Commenting on the impact of the NHS pay offer on Scotland’s charitable hospices, Eilidh Macdonald, Policy & Advocacy Manager Scotland for Hospice UK said:

“It is high time that pay is properly addressed for NHS staff who work so hard to care for us all. These increases in NHS pay are welcome and we hope a long term settlement will be agreed soon.

“However, it is crucial the Scottish Government understands how pay rises will impact on Scotland’s charitable hospice sector whose staff are paid in line with NHS rates.

“Hospices are already facing huge financial pressures and without access to additional funding, we are concerned that hospices will struggle to keep up with NHS pay increases. Hospices could face impossible choices ahead of losing valued staff, exacerbating recruitment difficulties or having to look at reducing crucial services.

 “Charitable hospices in Scotland cared for around 21,000 people last year, mainly in community settings, saving the NHS millions in bed days and specialist care but the statutory funding they receive only covers a relatively modest proportion of their total costs. It is crucial that extra funding is allocated so hospices are able to reward their exceptional staff in line with their NHS counterparts.”

Notes to editor:

  • Hospices also support care in other settings such as care homes and hospitals, constantly innovating to widen access to palliative and end of life care
  • Hospice UK is the national charity for hospice care and the only membership body for organisations providing hospice care. We support and champion the work of more than 200 of these organisations across the UK





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