Hospice care is...

...about living. It is about making every moment count. It is about creating memories. It transforms lives.

Hospice care is there for anyone, young or old, living with a terminal illness, and their loved ones.

We want to celebrate the amazing and surprising side of hospice care. Join us and share what #hospicecareis… to you.

Hospice Care is… a home from home

Maintaining hospices as welcoming and homely places is a crucial part of helping families to relax. Annalise Boassa is one of the housekeepers at Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice.

Annalise says:

"My job is to make sure everything runs smoothly and it is nice and tidy for everyone. I work around the children and the nurses. I might have just cleaned somewhere and then there is a craft session and the floor gets dirty, but that does not matter. It is a pleasure to clean it up because having fun is what the hospice is all about.

"I particularly like preparing the hospice flats ahead of families arriving. I like to keep a high standard and ensure that when they stay they feel they are in a home from home.

"When I applied for the job here I had never been to a children’s hospice and everyone was telling me not to do it because it would be too hard and I would see difficult things. I knew it would be hard sometimes, and I did get upset when we had a child at the end of life who was the same age as my daughter. But the support I got from a nurse was amazing; she was so considerate of my feelings.

"I enjoy everything about my job and it is nice to talk to families and get to know the children. I am very proud I can make a difference to the families we support."


What does hospice care mean to you?