Extend our reach and enable hospice quality care to be delivered in any setting

Hospice care doesn't just take place within a hospice

The hospice sector alone cannot meet all the additional and growing demands for end of life care. It is therefore vital that we help to increase capacity and the style of care beyond the walls of hospices in a range of settings.

In this way we can ensure that many more people live well towards the end of their life, die in the place of their choice, and have the best experience possible for themselves, their carers, family, friends and community.

Strong and sustainable partnerships between hospice care and care homes, social care, sheltered accommodation, housing associations, acute hospitals and other charities will enable this to happen.

Trained and supported carers and families playing an active role as co-deliverers of care will ensure that more people are able to achieve what matters to them as life draws to a close.

The change that is needed

People at the end of life, wherever they are:

  • will receive the same expert holistic care as in a hospice;
  • are aware that they may be approaching the last days of their life and are encouraged, along with those around them, to discuss, prepare and plan as needed;
  • are cared for by their friends, family and community who are recognised for the integral role they play and receive the training and support they need;
  • will benefit from the expertise of a highly skilled and well supported workforce that is equipped with the latest research and knowledge of best practices to be able to control pain, manage symptoms and offer relevant psychological and spiritual support.

High level indicators of success

  • A reduction in the number of unnecessary admissions to hospital at end of life;
  • An increase in the number of strong and sustainable partnerships between hospices, care homes, hospitals and other care providers;
  • Strong local and national relationships are established between hospices and GPs;
  • Mechanisms are in place to promote person-centred care whatever the setting;
  • Experience, research and innovation are shared between all providers to ensure the development and replication of good practice.

What does hospice care mean to you?

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