Our business plan

Our annual business plan sets out the work we will carry out in each financial year to help achieve our strategy. We have summarised our business plan in poster form so that all of our key activities can be captured in one document.

Hospice UK Business Plan 2017-18

Key Projects

The poster maps the projects we are carrying out against each of the strategic areas.

Goal 1: Extend our reach and enable hospice quality care to be delivered in any setting

In the next year, our major activities around expanding the reach of hospice care will be HOLISTIC (the NHS England funded programme to evaluate hospice led interventions) and Project ECHO (more information on this project, which aims to uses video conferencing to enable palliative care professionals to conduct virtual clinics, will be shared in June.

We believe it has the potential to significantly help hospices expand their reach at a time when many are facing difficulties recruiting specialist staff).

Goal 2: Tackle inequality and access to hospice care

The most important aspect of our work to widen access to hospice care in the next year will be a population needs assessment toolkit, which we expect to launch around the end of 2017. We will also very shortly be launching a publication on hospice enabled heart failure care, which will be followed by a major grants programme to support such projects.

Goal 3: Work with communities to build capacity and resilience to care for those at the end of life

The first stage of our carers work consists of a research project into carers needs which will lead to the development of a strategy for carer support in hospices. The proposed merger with NCPC provides the opportunity to strengthen our work around bereavement and community engagement.

Goal 4: Empower a strong, dynamic and responsive hospice sector

Whilst we are carrying out lots of new and exciting work as part of the strategy under the first three strategic goals, as the poster shows, the bulk of our energy will still to be devoted to activities to support the sector.

Our policy and advocacy work is divided into three main workstreams – national advocacy, influencing locally and statutory funding.

We will be continuing our work on outcomes & impact and clinical benchmarking, as well as launching a major new project on data.

Our national conference will again be held in Liverpool on 22-24 November, with the title of 'Leading, Learning and Innovating'. This will be supplemented by a programme of learning events and other resources, on subjects such as governance and leadership and management development.

There will be an expansion of our work on quality improvement, supporting the hospice workforce, research and commissioning & strategic partnerships. Given the financial pressures facing our members, capacity building in income generation will remain a key area of focus.

Organisational Outputs

Each of these projects will produce a range of outputs. We’ve categorised the output into seven broad areas, and these are summarised below.

The main risks which might prevent the success of our business plan are listed at the bottom of the poster.

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