What has been the consultation process to date?

It is vital that everyone – our members, staff and key partners – play a part in the development of our strategy and that it articulates a shared vision and goals.

A major part of this process has been the 13 roadshow events undertaken during May and June 2016. Delivered by Tracey Bleakley, Chief Executive and Antonia Bunnin, Director of Hospice Support and Development these events aimed at gauging the views of our members on emerging thoughts around our strategic direction and to gather views around the following key areas:

  • Our shared vision: what is the future society/world we want to see?
  • Our collective role: what are the roles and responsibilities of local hospices in achieving this vision?
  • Hospice UK’s mission – what is the role and mission of Hospice UK? Why do we exist and what are we here to do?
  • Hospice UK’s strategic priorities – what should Hospice UK focus on in the next five years as the most important ways of fulfilling our mission, and contributing towards realising our vision?
  • What are we missing?

Tracey’s presentation

A summary of the feedback from the events is available to download and will be feeding into our thinking as the strategy evolves.

We have also sought the views of our staff on the same issues.

All these conversations and those with other key partners have identified the following as the fundamentals that must underpin our future strategy:

  • Access to hospice quality care should be the norm for everyone who needs it, and not the exception
  • We should be seeking to ‘change the status quo’ and articulate what it is the hospice movement is trying to do and change
  • The mission is about how to achieve the vision and the audience we want to reach
  • The original vision of Dame Cicely Saunders focused on the ‘ill, dying and bereaved’ and still applies today
  • A network orientated approach and informal community networks must be an accepted part of care delivery
  • The role of Hospice UK should be to reinforce the courage to innovate with a responsibility to provoke.
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