Where are you in current thinking in relation to your vision, mission and strategic objectives?

Vision: statement of vision to be determined

Our vision will state what we want and be ambitious and large scale – to build on what is already great about hospice care and what has been achieved and extend this to all who need it by bringing about wide reaching social and cultural transformation – not just with individuals but within communities and populations.

Mission: to enable hospice care to transform the way society cares for the dying and those around them

Our mission will articulate how we will achieve our big vision, both locally and nationally.

Strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives are to focus on the change we want to bring about – extending reach, tackling inequality and building the capacity and resilience of communities and carers – as well as the sustainability of a strong, dynamic and responsive hospice sector.

Our four proposed strategic objectives are:

1. Extend the reach and enable hospice quality care to be delivered in any setting

The focus here is about hospice care influencing others, for example care homes, hospitals and empowering and supporting them to deliver the same quality of care as hospices. Thereby working towards a goal that everyone gets the quality of care they need at the end of life.

2. Tackle inequality and widen access to hospice care

The focus here is to state that access to care is currently inequitable but we are wishing to change that and reach out to all communities and address that social injustice. We wish to increase access to hospice care for different cultural groups but also those at the end of their life with conditions other than cancer, for example frailty and dementia; heart failure and lung disease.

3. Work with communities to build capacity and resilience to care for those at the end of their life

Families and other carers play a vital role in caring for someone at the end of life and they should be seen and supported as co-deliverers of that care. However it will also take communities to respond and engage with addressing the needs of people at the end of life to form a wider network.

4. Empower a strong, dynamic and responsive hospice sector

This is the foundation of everything we want to achieve by sustaining and building on everything that is already great about hospice care and the integration of the national role of Hospice UK and the local delivery of hospice care.

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