Why undertake a strategic review now?

Over two years ago The Commission into the future of hospice care set out a series of recommendations of what is needed to build a hospice sector fit for the future.

These recommendations have been the driving force behind everything we have been doing at Hospice UK for the last two years and will continue to do so. However as our current strategy comes to an end this year and 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the modern hospice movement now is the time to review everything we have achieved to date and set out our vision for the next five years.

Developing the blue print for the next five years is not an easy or quick process and answers cannot be plucked from the air.

The world’s landscape as well as that within which we operate has changed considerably since our last strategy was developed. Hospice care is facing many challenges including the many misperceptions about what it is we do. We can no longer accept that hospice care is seen as ‘slippers and cups of tea’ and that it only cares for six per cent of dying people and we must be able to articulate what is it that makes hospice care different and why it is something others should aspire to.

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What does hospice care mean to you?