Strengthen the leadership of hospice care

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In 2015-2016 we:

  • Informed and built the understanding of 17 hospice boards of the changing national context of hospice care to drive the services they are able to offer.
  • Worked with the Care Quality Commission to ensure the regulatory framework in England recognises the quality of hospice care, and trained their inspectors.
  • Worked with Public Health England and NHS England to ensure better understanding of needs for 24/7 care, and raised confidence in the knowledge and expertise available at Hospice UK.
  • Facilitated peer support and skills exchange among hospice clinical leaders, and identified some creative solutions to key workforce issues and the need for a new network for HR directors.
  • Provoked hospice leaders to explore the drivers and symptoms of crisis, how to recognise early signs and what action needs to be taken to mitigate risks.
  • Enhanced trustees’ understanding and application of good governance through the launching of a new Board Development Programme in partnership with CASS Business School.
  • Ran a series of webinars to help hospices learn about the concepts and practices needed to build a resilient and motivated workforce.
  • Shared thinking and debated issues through a portfolio of masterclasses. 202 delegates have refreshed knowledge and benefited from new thinking, and explored key governance issues facing hospices.
  • Launched a new Strategic Leadership Programme supporting hospice leaders to navigate complex challenges of the future.

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