Strengthen understanding of the contribution of hospice care

Elderly man in the garden

In 2015-2016 we:

  • Developed a web-based solution to help hospices to collect data on key clinical safety measures. Sharing this data is helping hospices to benchmark performance and drive improvement. 112 hospices are now participating.
  • Consulted widely and developed a framework for hospices to be research ready and active.
  • Inspired 96 staff from 46 hospices to implement OACC outcomes measures to demonstrate the difference their care makes.
  • Worked with the Royal College of Nursing to promote the economic assessments undertaken by hospice nurses that are demonstrating the value and impact of their service, and showcasing the value of investing in the development of such skills.
  • Raised the credibility of hospice care and evidence with new audiences through academic publications, blogs, presentations and opinion pieces on ehospice.
  • Empowered hospices to better engage with Muslim communities through the publication of the report ‘Bridging the gap – strengthening relations between hospices and Muslims of Britain’.

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