Campaigns and appeals

Our major national campaigns are helping to raise awareness of hospice care and develop a better public and professional understanding of its value and importance.
Gethin Jones records the BBC Lifeline Appeal for Hospice UK

How we are making a difference

Hospice Care Week

Our annual Hospice Care Week is a week of celebration and action, which helps to change people’s perceptions of hospice care. Eighty per cent of hospices joined us to celebrate the Week in 2016, which was themed ‘Hospice care is…’ to help dispel some of the misconception about hospice care. The reach of our activity was huge, especially in the media where we reached an audience of over five million.

Open Up Hospice Care

Last year we held our first national campaign to raise awareness of hospice care and draw attention to the gaps in funding and reach. The message: 1 in 4 families who need hospice care, can’t get it. This campaign reached 1.9 million people and more than a quarter of a million people watched the campaign video. It also raised £100,000 for hospice care. The campaign was such a big success that we will be running it again in March 2019.

BBC Lifeline Appeal

In February we were delighted to feature on the BBC Lifeline Appeal broadcast on BBC1 and BBC2. Presented by Gethin Jones, the appeal was watched by 1.8 million people and raised £21,000 through donations from the public.

What does hospice care mean to you?