Extending our reach and enabling hospice quality care to be delivered in any setting

It is vital that we help to increase capacity beyond the walls of hospices into a range of settings; to ensure that many more people live well towards the end of their life and die in the place of their choice, and have the best experience possible for themselves, their carers, family, friends and community.
We have been active in extending the reach of hospice care

How we are making a difference

Beyond the walls

Our Hospice Led Innovations Study To Improve Care (HOLISTIC project) is a ground breaking new study into the effect of hospice-led interventions on the use of acute care for people at the end of life. We are working with 24 different hospices around England on this project, and the results will, for the first time, provide a robust evidence base for the contribution that hospice care can make to reducing the numbers of people dying in a hospital bed unnecessarily.

Project ECHO

Project ECHO aims to help care organisations across the country reach more people at the end of their life and offer the high quality care they need. It does this by connecting existing networks and care communities with each other via a central online hub.

Project ECHO:

  • makes specialist knowledge accessible whether that is the latest research in a disease or the specialist knowledge of a patient and their family and community;
  • offers tele-mentoring through peer and specialist support to reduce the impact on those working in isolation and ensure better decisions can be taken for the patient;
  • builds a body of professionals committed to teaching and learning from each other and to improving clinical decision making across the network.

Ultimately ECHO will:

  • extend the reach and improve patient care in any setting;
  • improve staff retention and efficacy;
  • improve clinical decision making and achieve greater efficiency and benefits for the patient.

What does hospice care mean to you?