Our strategy and objectives

We have three key strategic objectives which drive our work:

  • To be the leading advocate for hospice care.
  • To promote and support excellence in care.
  • To support those providing hospice care.
Building on these core objectives, we have developed seven workstreams that will drive our activity for 2014-2017. These aim to help hospices respond to the challenges identified by the Commission into the Future of Hospice Care, whose findings provide a framework for our activities over the next three years. The challenges include:

  • preparing for significant change in the context of palliative and end of life care
  • strengthening understanding of the contribution of hospice care
  • establishing hospice care as a solution to future challenges in palliative and end of life care
  • strengthening their connection with local health and social care systems and their local communities
  • strengthening their leadership
Our seven workstreams are as follows:

  1. Demonstrate the impact
    We will gather evidence which shows the impact of hospice care and advocate for the added value that hospices offer.

  2. Showcase hospice care, raise public awareness and promote good practice and innovation
    We will improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of hospice care by identifying and sharing good practice and innovation.

  3. Support the hospice workforce
    We will prepare the hospice workforce to meet the current and future needs of people facing the end of life, as well as help build new skills, roles and relationships and share knowledge across the hospice sector.

  4. Develop leadership and management
    We will support and help develop current and future hospice leaders and managers.

  5. Influence other providers and extend the reach of hospice care
    We will support hospices to influence the quality of care offered by other care providers.

  6. Ensure sustainability
    We will make sure that we are a sustainable organisation able to provide the resources needed to support hospice care.

  7. Advocate for hospice care
    We will help to make sure that hospices are seen as a part of the solution for key decision and policy makers.

What does hospice care mean to you?