David Hamilton

Business Development Manager, Department of Income Generation

What does your role involve?

My role is mega-varied and fun, whilst also challenging! The role is predominantly involved in looking after partnerships with a wide range of companies (from architects, to accountants to big pharma!) who are looking to market their services to our members at Hospice UK events and conferences through sponsorship and exhibiting.

I also encourage companies to advertise on our Hospice IQ platform and help manage the Hospice UK Jobs Board, assisting our members with their staff recruitment needs. Never a dull moment!

What was your first impression of the organisation?

That Hospice UK makes a real meaningful difference to people at the end of their lives, and that everyone here is super-positive, engaged, professional, committed and also open to new ideas.

From meeting Millie on the front Reception Desk at my 1st interview day, through to colleagues in HR, to Tracey our CEO slightly further down the line, everyone has been so friendly, welcoming and lovely, not to mention knowledgeable and ‘switched on’, and enthused me to do my bit to make a difference and contribute to ensure the best possible end-of-life care for everyone who needs it.

How has your first year been at Hospice UK so far?

Literally a great stonking whirlwind, the past 9 months feel like they have flown by like a harrier jet! You could say I was thrown in at the deep end, literally selling sponsorship at a conference on my second day in post, however I have been both majorly supported and inspired by colleagues to help things go swimmingly (excuse the pun as I hear you groan!).

The only downside (which is my own fault, my mind signing cheques my 40 year old body can’t cash! reference, Top Gun) has been my seemingly unsurpassed ability to find injury after injury partaking in the Hospice UK 5-a-side Football team, and Run Club, which meant withdrawing from a half - Iron Man I was due to do for Hospice UK this year. Portugal will have to wait!

What does hospice care mean to you?