Access resources and webinars for hospice leaders and managers to build resilience in the workforce.

You'll find a series of helpful training videos and a checklist and framework to assess resilience strategies for supporting staff, and help with building your own. 

What you'll gain from this programme


- Learn more about how to develop a workforce that is motivated, healthy, and committed;

- Understand the concepts and practices that help to develop resilience;

- Learn techniques to enable you to take action that promotes these concepts and practices in your workplace;

- Have the opportunity to create an offline and online community and build a bank of useful resources as you go.

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Building Resilient People and Teams programme

We’ve created a series of webinars to provide resources for hospice leaders, helping them build their own resilience and that of their teams.

Author and Founder, and Chair of iOpener Institute Jess Pryce-Jones designed and delivered this series, which hospice leaders can access remotely and use in their workplace. The webinars offer a range of helpful strategies that can be adopted by hospice staff.

Watch the programme sessions
Hospice UK has developed a framework to help hospice leaders build resilient teams and staff, and help them perform well and flourish under stress.

The Resilience Framework

Building a resilient and thriving workforce is important to everyone, so we commissioned The Point of Care Foundation to examine the evidence and develop a framework for hospice leaders. 

Read the Resilience Framework