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Hospice UK believes everyone has the right to hospice care. With your support, we can open up hospice care so that everyone who needs it, gets it.

Donate nowAt the end of a person's life, we only have one chance to get it right.

But sadly, on average more than 335 people every day won't access the compassionate, expert care that hospices across the UK provide.

Hospice care is so much more than a building where you go to die. Most hospice care happens at home and in the community. It's vital we're there to support every family in need.

But for one in four families in the UK today, hospice care isn't an option. People are dying in places they don't want or need to be, longing for the warmth of their own beds. Children are facing life-limiting illnesses in hospitals when they could be at home, with loved ones. And many families are left traumatised, with little or no support at the time they need it most.

Over 70% of funding for the UK hospice movement comes from supporters like you. With your help, we can open up hospice care to everyone, whoever and wherever they are.

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To open up hospice care, and support more than 200 hospices across the UK, we need your support. Your donation will make a massive difference in our supporting our aim, that everyone who needs hospice care, gets hospice care.


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