Quality accounts

Since June 2011 providers of community based NHS services have been required to produce a quality account. We have worked closely with the Department of Health to explore what this means for hospices. We encourage all hospices in England to produce a Quality Account.

Hospice doctors

Quality Accounts produced by hospices can be found on the NHS Choices website.

Frequently asked questions

We liaised with the Department of Health and NHS England to prepare a set of questions and answers for hospices around Quality Accounts (relevant for accounts published in June 2013).

The Department of Health website also contains a set of frequently asked questions that may also help to answer some of your questions about Quality Accounts. These answers apply to all providers of NHS care.

Workshop on Quality Accounts

In March 2013, we hosted a workshop with the Department of Health which enabled hospice representatives to hear from a commissioner and from fellow hospices about the requirements and practicalities around preparing a Quality Account.

The day included a presentation from an NHS commissioner exploring what makes a 'good' Quality Account from a commissioner perspective. 

Dr Pauline Flanagan from Douglas Macmillan Hospice shared her expertise in developing Quality Accounts – including very practical advice and guidance.

Finally we heard from Sarah-Jane Mills at St Barnabas Hospice Lincolnshire about the strategic value the hospice has gained from producing Quality Accounts. 

Workshop presentations

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