Frequently asked questions for people who submitted abstracts in response to the call for papers for Hospice UK’s National Conference.

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Submitting an abstract


Why submit an abstract to Hospice UK’s national conference?

Submitting an abstract is a great way to share and disseminate your work and ideas. It has benefits for both the individual and the organisation you work for. It enables a public discussion of your work as well as opportunities to talk with others to learn from and share ideas and experiences. 

All accepted  abstracts will appear in a conference supplement published by BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care and may also appear on Hospice UK’s website, and / or an app available only to the conference’s delegates.

Please note that in submitting an abstract you and any other authors of the abstract agree to Hospice UK’s terms and conditions, and also to the terms and conditions of BMJ’s standard licence to publish for abstracts, as publisher of the selected abstracts within an online conference supplement of BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care.

You must view Hospice UK’s terms and conditions, and the BMJ’s standard licence. As regards the BMJ licence, if copyright is held by your employer or any third party, you must first (before submitting) obtain their express written authority allowing you to agree the BMJ’s standard licence. 

How will abstracts be presented at conference?

Abstracts will be presented as short talks (‘oral presentations') or displayed as posters.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations are for a maximum of 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation, plus 5 minutes for questions and answers). For PowerPoint presentations this will usually be a maximum of 15 slides. Oral presentations are grouped into themed sessions.


All accepted posters will be displayed, and available for viewing in the exhibition hall, throughout the three days of the conference. The main author or one of the authors, if an abstract has been submitted by several people, is expected to be available by their poster/s during breaks to discuss their work. We appreciate this will not be possible at all breaks. 

Please note Hospice UK will be monitoring the situation as regards the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic carefully and may, at its sole discretion, opt to hold the conference online instead of at a physical venue, irrespective of whether any legal restrictions have been re-introduced. If the conference does move online then the poster exhibition will also go ahead online.

We will be awarding a prize to one of the posters, courtesy of the BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care (an official journal of Hospice UK).  The criteria for the poster prizes will be content, design and innovation. 

Do you only accept abstracts on clinical topics?

No. Anyone can submit an abstract if it meets the criteria listed below. We are keen to hear from anyone involved in hospice, palliative and end of life care in the voluntary sector, NHS and other sectors e.g. care homes and across the full range of roles, including:

  • clinicians,
  • educationalists,
  • fundraisers,
  • marketers,
  • managers,
  • social workers,
  • trustees
  • and volunteers.

Can we submit abstracts about work which has already been presented at other conferences or published elsewhere? 

No. We cannot consider abstracts about work that has been presented or published elsewhere.

Accepted Abstracts and Conference attendance


If an abstract is accepted as an oral presentation, do the authors have to attend conference? 

If your abstract is accepted for oral presentation, one of the named authors who is giving the presentation must register and pay to attend on the day of their presentation.

If an abstract is accepted as a displayed poster, do the authors have to attend conference? 

If your abstract is accepted for display as a poster, at least one of the named authors must register and pay to attend some of the conference. If the conference goes ahead at a physical venue authors must make their own arrangements for putting up and taking down their poster.

Categories of abstract


The online submission form asks you to indicate whether the abstract is about work in progress, or work that has been completed.

Your abstract may be about completed work in order to stimulate discussion and knowledge about its impact, sustainability, generalisability, and to enable others to build on established findings. Typically, it will include completed research or formal evaluation/report of an intervention, audit, activity, service or literature review.  

Alternatively your abstract could be about ongoing work of, for example, work in progress of an intervention, activity, service or review of literature.

Submitting an abstract - FAQs

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