Ten-year-old James Blair donated his entire Lego collection to St. Vincent’s Hospice in Renfrewshire, Scotland, for children who come to visit relatives and loved ones.

James with his donation of Lego bricks

James brought in seven years’ worth of coloured bricks, planes, trucks, cars and much more, collected from birthdays and Christmases.

"I do not play with Lego much anymore, so decided to clear it out. I did not just want to throw it away: a lot of it is really expensive, took a lot of work to build and I thought I could do something nice with it.

"My gran and cousin were looked after by St. Vincent’s Hospice, so I decided to give them my Lego, so that other boys and girls who come to visit their family will have something to play with."

James' act of generosity astonished the staff at the hospice, including fundraiser Laura McDade:

"This is an amazing gesture from James, and we cannot thank him enough for this generosity. At St. Vincent’s, not only do we work with children and young people going through difficult times every single day, but we have countless people come through our doors every week to visit relatives and loved ones, and we are positive that they will get hours of fun out of the Lego.

"Donations like this just prove that everyone has something they can offer that can make a huge difference to St. Vincent’s patients and families."

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