Sandra and her family received support from The Hospice of St. Francis' Wellbeing and Family Service after her husband of nearly 50 years, Terry, died after a short and unexpected illness.

Sandra, supported by St Francis Hospice
"I found the hospice's support sessions invaluable. They were full of talking, tears and laughter but they enabled me to share the grief I could not explain and helped me move from the darkest place I have ever known into the light.

"I have gone from wondering how I would survive to looking at my life with fresh eyes.

"It is hard to put it into words, but since Terry died, the hospice has wrapped me up in a blanket of love. Every time I visit, I feel uplifted and I do not know how I would have coped without it.

"I had no idea of the range of help and care services they provide for your whole family following bereavement and that their support just continues. The hospice was, and is, here for all our family and others like us."

Sandra's granddaughter Cassie, aged nine, has also been supported by the hospice's children's team who helped her talk about her memories, provided special experiences like Pony Days with other children who are also facing loss, and suggested simple things she could do, like creating a worry jar as a way to articulate her feelings.

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