Taste of Home

This spring, we would like you to host a Taste of Home dinner party to celebrate a loved one - you could make the Sunday roast that your mum cooked every week or bake the cakes you and your grandparents used to love.

By recreating a special dinner with your friends and families, you can bring back those cherished memories and support Hospice UK, enabling us to give even more people access to hospice care.

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We need your support

1 in 4 UK families that need hospice care cannot get it. We need your support to help us open up hospice care for everybody. Please watch the video below to understand why guaranteeing hospice care for everyone and anyone that needs it is so vitally important. 


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We provide a national voice for the hospice and palliative care movement, raise vital funds to help them improve and increase their range of services and increase awareness of the importance of hospices in end of life care.

But we cannot do that without your support. Please sign up today to host a Taste of Home dinner party to raise money for Hospice UK. 

Host a Taste of Home dinner party

Food comes attached to precious memories and sharing that food is sharing and growing those memories. We want you to celebrate a cherished food memory by inviting your friends and family to experience your taste of home in order to support Hospice UK as we aim to open up hospice care for everybody. 

A Taste of Home dinner party could not be any more simple:

  1. Choose your taste of home to cook for your friends and family.
  2. Invite your friends and family to join you and celebrate your food memories.
  3. Sign up to let us know that you are hosting a party so we can support you and send you a fundraising pack.
  4. Decorate your dinner party with Taste of Home place cards, bunting and placards.
  5. Share your experience to let everyone know you are fundraising for hospices across the UK.
  6. Ask your guests to donate to help more families get hospice care.
  7. Send in the money you've raised using our JustGiving or Donate page.

Fried Chicken: Charlene's Taste of Home

"My name is Charlene and my special food memory is eating fried chicken with my dad. Why? Because he absolutely loved the stuff. Whenever he came to visit me, it was what he wanted. It didn’t matter whether he’d just eaten, was just about to eat, or hadn’t eaten since breakfast; that chicken always hit the spot.

Sadly, we lost my dad in 2014 to a stroke, which suddenly and shockingly took his life at the young age of 54. My dad was a fit and healthy man, who loved sport and spending time with the family – and of course eating fried chicken.

That's why I hosted my own Taste of Home dinner party in memory of my dad, with all my family and friends, so I could share my special food memories with all those that I love.

Sign up todayBy sharing your Taste of Home with friends and family, you can help raise money for Hospice UK, enabling them to give even more people access to hospice care."

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