Get involved and go as yellow as you can


This year, we would love everyone to show their support for Hospice Care Week by turning you, your friends or your office, yellow! Every penny you raise supports people living with a terminal illness, and their families, where you live and work. So together… LET’S GO YELLOW!

Staff at Raffolux wearing yellow for Hospice Care Week

Wear yellow to work

Brighten up your meetings and video calls by picking a ‘Go Yellow’ day and encouraging everyone to wear yellow to work.

Go head to toe in yellow in the office, or focus on headwear if you’re working remotely. You could wear or make a yellow wig, hat or headpiece, or even paint your face yellow…

To raise money, ask colleagues to pay to enter, and award prizes for the most creative individuals and teams. Award extra points for those who manage to incorporate the Hospice UK sunflower!

Staff from Mazars turned themselves yellow to support Hospice UK in 2018

Challenge yourself

Feeling brave? Challenge yourself to take on a bold activity for Hospice Care Week.

You could brave a head shave, dye your hair yellow, volunteer to have your legs waxed or get gunged for hospice care.

Collect sponsorships from your colleagues, friends and family, and pick a day to go ahead with the challenge. Complete in the office, or ‘live stream’ over video conference, and get colleagues to donate to watch.

A stock image of the word quiz in a speech bubble with a yellow background

Hold a yellow quiz

Plan a virtual or in-person quiz night with colleagues.

Participants donate to enter, and prizes can be won by individuals or teams with the most points. 

A stock image of a woman walking past a yellow background

Get outside

We know getting outdoors and keeping active is more important than ever. Hospice Care Week is a great opportunity to find time in your working day to do this!

a) Step challenge

You could arrange a step challenge between teams, pay to enter and win prizes for the most steps taken during Hospice Care Week. Set personal and team challenges that remind colleagues what it takes to provide hospice care. For example, can someone complete 29,000 in one day to represent the 29,000 PPE masks used by hospices per day?

b) Yellow scavenger hunt

Challenge colleagues to go on a lunchtime scavenger hunt. Pay to enter and work in small teams or individually to hunt and spot the most yellow items during your lunch break. Ask colleagues to submit photos of what they find and award prizes for the most items spotted, funniest photo and most unusual item. Think yellow cars, doors, bins, and of course sunflowers!

Food laid out at a go yellow party

Hold a yellow party

Host a lunch or drinks event in your office. In place of the usual bake sale or drinks trolley, people bring their own refreshments along and donate what they would usually spend.

Instead of sharing food, colleagues can share their favourite yellow food and drink recipes with each other. 

Make the event fun with games, our yellow quiz and raise additional funds with a raffle or ‘guess the number’ of yellow sweets in a jar game.

How Towergate Insurance 'Go Yellow'

Towergate's Caring Professions Division have worked with Hospice UK for over 5 years and their Stevenage office currently insure a significant number of the UK’s independently owned hospices. With more than 25 years of experience working in the sector, Towergate understand the pressures and challenges that can be faced when running a hospice.

Towergate regularly hold fundraising events for Hospice UK, including supporting the annual Go Yellow Day, as well as supporting us through internal charity days and company-wide fundraising campaigns. It is this engagement from the Towergate team that helps support the phenomenal work that hospices do for communities.