How we work together

A partnership with Hospice UK offers genuine opportunities for all your staff to get involved with our fundraising campaigns. By twinning your branch, office or store with a local hospice, your employees can fundraise and volunteer in the communities they live and work in. They will be able to see where the money they raise is being spent and how their support is making a difference, which can be hugely motivating.

Our range of fundraising activities offer different ways for your employees to contribute to a cause  that touches the lives of over 360,000 people each year. We work hard to understand your company and your employees so we can provide bespoke events and campaigns that will engage your staff.

There are many ways that your company could work with us:

To discuss any of these opportunities in more detail, please contact the corporate partnerships team.

Charity partnerships

A charity partnership with Hospice UK is ideal whether you have one or hundreds of sites and offices. We are flexible and adapt to suit your circumstances.

We are a national charity with national resources and work locally supporting over 200 hospice care providers. We can match your offices, branches or stores with a local hospice in the area. This means your employees can support and build relationships in their local community. Through working in this way we tend to see high levels of engagement, for instance our partnership with Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank has a 94% engagement level.

When you support local hospices, which are popular local charities at the hearts of their communities, your staff morale and motivation can increase. We can help you develop a highly rewarding partnership.

Our team will provide full support to your company including:

  • an innovative, friendly and passionate team to provide support
  • PR and communications support at a national, regional and local level
  • a range of exciting events and volunteering opportunities for employees to get involved with
  • regular updates and case studies of  our work.

Find out how our corporate partners support us.

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Employee volunteering

Without volunteers hospices could not continue the work they do. Whether they provide professional advice or get their hands dirty in a hospice garden, your employees’ skills and time could be invaluable to a local hospice.

It is also a great way to motivate staff and build team morale, as well as providing employees with important life skills.

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We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities that provide tangible and measurable business benefits. The UK's hospice market is worth just under £500 million per year. Our conferences, publications and events can give you direct access to this market and provide opportunities for you to speak with key decision makers.

Sponsoring us will enable you to:

  • promote your products and services to key hospice professionals
  • build profile and brand awareness within the hospice movement
  • demonstrate your commitment to the UK’s hospices and to corporate social responsibility.
  • maintain and renew contact with existing customers by building on relationships
  • access networking opportunities where you can build relationships with senior members of staff from UK hospices
  • gain PR exposure on national, local and regional levels through the vast publicity network of the hospice movement.

Contact us to ask any questions you may have or to discuss sponsorship opportunities we have available.

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Cause-related marketing

As one of the most popular causes in the UK, the hospice movement has a vast network of supporters and publicity. Cause-related marketing activities are therefore mutually beneficial; our corporate partners help us to provide vital support for hospice care while also fulfilling their own marketing objectives.

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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving (also known as Give As You Earn or Workplace Giving) is a great way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to the causes that their employees care about. It can improve employee engagement and there are several awards and quality marks on offer if your scheme is particularly successful.

Payroll Giving is easy and quick to set-up and administer. Hospice UK can advise your company on how to set up a Payroll Giving scheme to suit your employees. We can help you every step of the way, from implementing the scheme to promoting it to your employees.

Your employees simply choose the amount they want to give to their chosen charity each week or month and the money is deducted from their pay. Donations are taken before tax is deducted, so money that would normally be deducted through tax is given to their chosen charity instead.

Employees don’t need to provide bank details and can choose to change their donation at any point simply by notifying your payroll department. To show their commitment to the scheme, many organisations offer other benefits, such as 'matched giving'. This can effectively double employees' gifts, providing further incentives for staff to take part.

For more information about setting up a Payroll Giving scheme and the business benefits of doing so, see The Payroll Giving Centre website managed by the Institute of Fundraising.

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