Supporting the daily running of hospice services

Hospices rely on donations. The continued support of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank is helping to ensure that everyone in the UK can get the end of life care they need, people like Arthur.

Arthur Crawford, a day service patient at PPWH in Glasgow.

Arthur is a day service patient at The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow. “Before I came to the hospice for the first time I thought it was a hospital for people who are in their last stages of life,” he says.

“I didn’t know there was another side to it. There’s a great camaraderie among everyone and that’s what you look forward to.

"It’s difficult to appreciate what it’s like for someone with a diagnosis if you don’t actually experience it first-hand. In my experience it was all very sudden, I was really ill for about a month – I couldn’t eat or drink – and I have to say I thought I was at the end. With all the help of the team, they pull you through. I have more time left.”

Day services patients have access to doctor and nurse-led clinics, so there is always someone to turn to for help and advice. As well as this, Arthur takes part in art classes and the occasional reiki treatment.

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