Why Hospice UK got involved in Project ECHO

If Project ECHO can help open up hospice care to more people it will have served the hospice movement well.

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Project ECHO interweaves with Hospice UK's 5 year strategy and has the ability to help hospices as they look at such questions as:

How could hospice teams support new ways of extending care to more patients and families with limited potential for increased resources?

  • Project ECHO helps hospices build relationships with, and instil confidence in other healthcare services to care for end of life care patients, increasing capacity  for hospice quality care to be delivered in any setting;
  • Through facilitating peer to peer learning and support, the healthcare services are empowered to make better decisions, with the aim of reducing unnecessary referrals.  
  • The amount of time staff are required to spend out of their usual working environments for professional development is reduced, thus lessening the pressure to backfill. Spokes can virtually join a teleECHO session from anywhere on virtually any device!
The proven approach and methodology of Project ECHO has enabled organisations across the world to reach more patients, to improve clinical decision making and to better support isolated health care professionals.

In addition ECHO has provided the governance structure to help hard pressed clinical teams consider new service delivery models which are better suited to the demographic health challenges that we are all facing.

Project ECHO gives us a tool to develop new ways of sharing our specialist palliative care knowledge and of collaborating with all those involved in supporting the care of patients in the last phase of their lives.

Learn how you can get involved with Project ECHO here!

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