GoToMeeting Participants

Below you will find the steps required to be able to fully participate in a GoToMeeting.


1. Equipment/Network

Hardware installation must be authorised and supported by your IT team. It is likely that your device has been restricted, and you may require the support of your IT team.

The most important, and often overlooked, element for videoconferencing is the speed and quality of your network connection.

  • Ensure there is ample Internet bandwidth. To achieve the best performance, we recommend a minimum of 1.5Mb/s upload and download per device. Check your bandwidth using one of the online services such as
  • Your IT team may be able to dedicate a meeting room for videoconferencing and configure the network that guarantees a minimum bandwidth.
  • It is important to note that networks are extremely complicated, and bandwidth constantly fluctuates. You may be able to control the network locally but not as soon as it leaves the building.
  • We recommend using a wired Ethernet connection, which is more resilient and offers a better connection than WiFi.

What equipment do I need?

As a minimum you need a device with a camera, microphone, and speakers. The type/quality of equipment required is dependent on the size of the room and the number of participants in that room.

Your IT team will probably have a preference for specific hardware providers that will work with your device(s).

Room size Number of people Equipment
Very small 1-3 A modern laptop with an integrated webcam, microphone, and speakers may suffice.
Small 1-3 A modern PC with a webcam with built-in microphone, and external speakers. The monitor size depends on your preference, we recommend something larger than 24" to facilitate readability of presentations.
Medium 1-5 A modern PC with a entry-level conference camera. The conference camera will typically have an inbuilt microphone and speaker. We recommend a monitor no smaller than 24".
Medium/Large 1-10 A modern PC with a mid-level conference camera. The conference camera will typically have an inbuilt microphone and speaker. Instead of installing a large monitor you may opt to install a video-projector.


Most modern equipment is defined as Plug and Play and installation is as easy as plugging the device in. You may require the support of your IT Team for the relevant installation permissions.

GoToMeeting have published official technical requirements.


2. Software

Access to and utilisation of software must be authorised and supported by your IT team. It is likely that your device has been restricted, and you may require the support of your IT team. Before using GoToMeeting, please ensure you have installed an up-to-date, real-time, Antivirus solution.

GoToMeeting works through your Internet browser. GoToMeeting recommends that you use the latest version of either Chrome or Firefox. Please ensure the browser you choose is up-to-date, contact your IT support for assistance.


3. Testing GoToMeeting

  1. Load your browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Follow the steps on the page, selecting Join a test session will join you to a test session.
  4. More detailed instructions can be found within their Attendee User Guide.
  5. Ensure that you configure and test your audio and video following their instructions.

When all the tests are successful you are ready to join a scheduled GoToMeeting.

Hospice UK holds regular test meetings, we would love you to connect and say hello.


4. Join a GoToMeeting

Before joining a GoToMeeting, please let your IT team aware so that they can be on hand if required.

You will be sent an invitation for each meeting which will clearly reference a Meeting ID. Each GoToMeeting has a unique ID, typically a 9 digit number.

  1. Load a web browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Type the Meeting ID you received in your invitation into the Meeting ID field.
  4. Check that the meeting you are connecting to is correct and when happy select Join my meeting
  5. On the next screen, choose to Use computer audio
  6. Make sure, using the Check the correct microphone and speakers are selected. The settings are on the right hand side.

During the meeting

  • When you first join the meeting your microphone should be automatically muted. Muting and unmuting your microphone can easily be done by selecting Mute in the bottom left corner of Zoom. When a red line is showing through the microphone icon it means you are muted.
  • Background noise is a big problem with video conferencing. Ensure you are in a private space away from noise, and ensure your microphone is muted when you are not talking.
  • If you are using a laptop and your microphone is unmuted, please do not type on the keyboard. Onboard microphones pick up local vibrations a bit too well!
  • Refrain from ruffling papers anywhere near a microphone/laptop/webcam.
  • Ensure that when speaking you are facing the microphone, which may be built into the camera.
  • Maintain a strong/confident voice when talking - conference microphones and applications will auto cut-off if a volume drops below a certain level.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is switched off.

Further Support

We cannot stress the importance of working with your IT Support Team to get GoToMeeting up and running.

If you run into any problems make sure that your equipment is plugged into the correct slots, and that there is only one instance of GoToMeeting running. It would be wise to close all other background applications before you join a GoToMeeting.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? That infuriating and frustrating phrase from IT Support desks the world over - but sadly solves 9/10 problems!

External Resources

Further support and training guides can be found on the GoToMeeting website. The website covers every aspect of GoToMeeting and offers free training.

GoToMeeting has published a plethora of useful YouTube guides.

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