National conference 2015

Our 2015 national conference, ‘The art and science of hospice care’ was held on 10 to 12 November 2015 at the ACC in Liverpool.

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The focus of the conference was on the holistic, yet rigorous, approach to care and entrepreneurial and creative approaches to sustainability.

The focus was reflected in our four themes:

  • The arts and holistic care
  • Science and innovation
  • Policy into practice
  • The business and culture of care.

Aspects of the creative arts were threaded throughout, with live performances at conference and opportunities for delegates to ‘get creative’ by participating in an inclusive art project. Delegates were able to feed back directly on sessions and the themes they raised.

Other opportunities included:

  • Hearing from contemporary thinkers and commentators.
  • Finding out about over 200 projects, selected via the call for papers.
  • Visiting suppliers of products and services.
  • Networking with others working in the sector.

Reflect on the conversation

The hashtag we used throughout the 2015 conference was #HUKconf15.

A selection of presentations from our past conferences are also available to download.

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