Carrie James

Carrie is a Queens Nurse and NHS Leadership Academy Graduate who is passionate about improving services for young people as they Transition into Adulthood.
Carrie James

Carrie previously worked as a Case Manager specialising in Transition, supporting young people with disabilities,  and this work has been highly commended at a national level. 

Carrie was a member of the Queens Nursing Institute Teen Transition advisory Group, the programme focused on providing evidence based information and guidance to district nurses, general practice nurses and nurse educators. The aim of the project was to enable community professionals to support young people more effectively, achieving better outcomes. In addition, Carrie has worked closely with Palliative Care Networks within the West Midlands to help shape local provision and improve access.

Carrie was appointed as ECHO Transitions Partnership Manager at Hospice UK in September 2019

Carrie's twitter handle is @CAJames81

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