Peter Lacey

Peter is founder Director at the Whole Systems Partnership (WSP) and has been active in consultancy work since the late 1990s.
Peter Lacey

Peter has a general management background with commercial and voluntary sector experience before joining the Health Service at a Regional Health Authority in 1990.  He completed an MBA at Durham University in 1998 and a Master’s programme in applied professional ethics in 2014.

WSP has a long track record in supporting national end of life care programmes and local hospice care.  This has spanned work to model population health needs for end of life care in order to provide the context for local planning to deliver choice for patients toward the end of life.  They have also undertake a number of evaluation projects in end of life care, with a significant contribution to these programmes being a focus on the quality of relationships within local systems of care.

Peter has also coordinated the development of a strategic approach to workforce development for regional and local systems.  This approach has encouraged people to root their strategic workforce planning in local population health needs and to apply an innovative approach to describing future workforce requirements using the language of care functions and skill levels, which encourages local partners to move toward greater integration.

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