Commercial Partner Policy

Hospice UK generates income for its charitable activities from a variety of sources, including commercial partners such as exhibitors at conferences and events, sponsors of publications and events, and advertisers on print and digital platforms.

As well as supporting Hospice UK’s charitable activities and enabling us to deliver cost-effective events, our members and other audiences benefit from the opportunity to find out about a range of products and services available to the hospice and palliative care sector.

Our commercial partners also have the chance to promote their products and services to the sector.

This policy sets out the basis on which we choose our commercial partners and manage these arrangements.

How we work with commercial partners

Any commercial agreements are entered into in good faith. Involvement with a commercial partner does not equate to endorsement by Hospice UK of a company or its products and services. Hospice UK retains control of the use of its name and logo and the activity and form of acknowledgement provided to partners.

When we might not work with a commercial partner

Hospice UK reserves the right to refuse a commercial partnership, for example if  we believe that a partnership would damage our reputation. This is a decision that will be taken by Hospice UK’s board which is responsible for acting in the best interests of the charity.

Hospice UK may reconsider its existing commercial partnerships if circumstances change, for example the organisation does something that Hospice UK considers to be inappropriate.

In the event of Hospice UK members making complaints about a commercial partner, we will investigate and log the complaint and reserve the right to review our relationship with the partner on this basis.

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