Frances Hurst

Frances is co-founder of Birdsong and has worked as a charity consultant since 2002. She specialises in helping charities to improve their staff satisfaction and retention and is passionate about helping organisations release the potential of their people.
Frances Hurst

Birdsong was set up in 2007 to provide organisational development, team building and coaching services to charities. Birdsong has become best known for the benchmarked staff and volunteer surveys it runs across the Voluntary Sector. 

Frances was Director of Marketing at the RSPB throughout the nineties, after working in management in the corporate sector. At the RSPB she led the development and delivery of fundraising and brand strategy, as well as fulfilling a broader role as a member of the charity’s management board. 

It was at the RSPB that she developed her organisational development skills and she became well known in the sector for the introduction of innovative team structures and new ways of working. The changes introduced enabled the RSPB to double its income and recruit its one-millionth member.

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