Liz Rothschild

Liz is a performer, celebrant and award winning burial ground owner. Her unique insight into the 'business of dying' has created a highly original and beautifully cathartic show, combining mercurial tales and miraculous truths, collected over the years from life’s finishing line.
Liz Rothschild
Outside The Box confronts the 'Elephant in the room' with grace and humour, asking its audience to embrace mortality and look on the bright side of life, with a weave of untold and surprising stories. 

Liz has found that there's a fantastic and committed audience out there for work that explores death and taps into the death café culture and collectives. Work on the topic of confronting and embracing the only certainty in life is proving very popular and present with many new festivals and events being created all over the country.

She has been collecting stories from her audience over this year and is publishing their experiences and responses inspired by the show on her website.
Outside the Box is liz’s first solo show since ‘Breaking The Silence’, about the life of environmentalist Rachel Carson, which was performed over 100 times to audiences around the country. Breaking the Silence was described as a “Masterpiece of it’s genre” and shortlisted for the Amnesty Prize at Edinburgh Festival in 2008.

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