Major grant final impact report

This form should be completed by the project lead. Referring to your original application form, answer all the questions fully. We encourage you to be as honest as possible in your responses.

The information you provide will be used to feed back to Hospice UK, funders and other interested parties about the difference that the grant has made. It may be used in wider publicity, reports and social media by Hospice UK and the funders about our grant making and sharing of good practice.

Additional information such as photos or press cuttings related to the project may be uploaded using the resource at the end of this form or sent to us via email as separate scanned attachments. Please ensure that you have consent for the use of any words or images to be used for such dissemination and publicity.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The Hospice UK Grants Team

Section 1 - Project details

Section 2 - Project background

Please describe the process you undertook to identify the need for the project. E.g. population needs analysis or scoping exercise; service evaluation, audit or research; user or client feedback; stakeholder consultation; response to national, regional or local policy or strategy. Please cite references if appropriate.

Section 3 - Aims and objectives of project

Describe your original aims and objectives and if they were amended, please state the reasons why and how you adapted them.

Section 4 - Methods

Outline the aim of your approach and describe the steps you undertook. E.g. method of project delivery, project plan, time lines, budget staff capacity, confidence and competence and change management considerations, how you monitored, measured and evaluated your project, how you accommodated changes to the original project plan, how you planned to continue the project beyond the life of the grant.

Section 5 -Results - Outcomes

Please provide evidence of the outcomes of your project through, for example, audit, evaluation or feedback.

Section 6 - Results - Impact

Examples might be change to local, regional or national practice or policy strategy; impact report; community engagement; publications and presentations; education events; conferences and media events.

Section 7 - Summary

The summary might include the following elements: (1) What did the project seek to achieve?; (2) What difference has the results of the work undertaken made specifically for patients, carers and/ or family as well as staff and/or volunteers?; (3) What has been the impact of the project on the work of the organisation?

Please explain how you know that it has made a difference; supplying feedback from volunteers, patients and families, as well as photographs, where appropriate.

What does hospice care mean to you?