Leadership and Management Development

The Commission into the Future of Hospice Care identified strengthening hospice leadership as one of five key steps needed to ensure that hospices become fit for the future:

"Major investment is required at local and national levels to strengthen strategic leadership within the hospice sector.  Hospices need to become bigger organisations with more influence in the wider health and social care system.”
Leadership and Management Development

Our Leadership and Management Development programme supports hospice leaders to develop the skills and strategic insights to respond effectively to the many opportunities and challenges involved in modern hospice leadership.

We recognise that the demands on hospice leaders are constantly increasing, and that the ability to identify new ways of doing things and work with others to bring about meaningful change is crucial if hospices are to extend their reach, scale and influence to enable significantly more people to benefit from hospice care in future.

The key elements of our Leadership and Management Development programme are:

The Strategic Leadership Programme;
The MSc in Voluntary Sector Management run by Cass Business School, City, University of London with a new Hospice Leadership and Management module developed in collaboration between Hospice UK and Cass. Please note that applications are now closed for the October 2017 intake, as all places have been filled;
A range of masterclasses and workshops to develop leadership skills amongst hospice staff.

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