We publish a wealth of publications to support hospice and palliative care providers, covering a wide range of topics.

Publications are listed in order of the date they were published (with the most recent first), but they are also listed by category, or can be found using the keyword search facility.

  • The future of hospice education and training
    This working paper considers the potential areas that will demand education and training related to end of life care in the future and the opportunities available to hospices to respond. (Published October 2013)
  • The future of clinical nurse specialists delivering end of life care in the community
    A thought piece on the potential future of the role of a clinical nurse specialist delivering end of life care in the community. Describes the role of clinical nurse specialist as it has grown up in nursing and in the field of specialist palliative care in particular. Outlines some of the challenges for the role as well as the positive impact on patient and family care and concludes with a number of recommendations to the Commission. Author: Penny Hansford. (Published 2013)
  • The role of hospices in supporting people with a diagnosis of dementia in the future
    This thought piece highlights the potential for hospices to contribute to meeting the needs of people with end-stage dementia. Authors: Dr Jo Hockley and Min Stacpoole. (Published 2013)
  • Volunteers: vital to the future of hospice care
    This working paper considers how the contribution of volunteers can be most effectively deployed to meet the challenges facing hospices and others delivering hospice care. Author: Dewar Steve. (Published November 2012)
  • The role of hospices in supporting young people in the transition from children to adult services
    This publication outlines the challenges facing both child and adult palliative care services in supporting young people as they move from children’s to adults services and provides guidance to support these transitions. Author: Lidstone Victoria. (Published October 2013)
  • Future needs and preferences for hospice care: challenges and opportunities for hospices
    This working document provides a summary of the key points raised during a Commission into the Future of Hospice Care event to discuss the implications of the Commission report 'Current and future needs for hospice care: an evidence based report'. Hospices are strongly recommended to read this working document alongside that report. (Published April 2013)
  • Learning more: patient and family feedback on care
    The Commission into the Future of Hospice Care asked patients, families and carers to complete a postcard which asked two questions to help understand what is special and different about the care they received in their local hospice. This two-part comic gives feedback on the findings. (Published 2013)
  • Carers' services guide
    This guide is a useful resource for anyone planning to develop support services for carers of people diagnosed with life-limiting and terminal illnesses. Includes helpful tips and case studies. Author: Rose Heatley. (Published November 2008)
  • Identifying carers' needs in the palliative setting
    Developed by an expert working group, the guide provides a framework for developing a carers' assessment process in the palliative setting. (Published March 2009)
  • Developing a non-cancer service: a resource for hospices
    This resource is for hospices that are planning to develop services for patients with conditions other then cancer. It presents the common issues and challenges faced by a number of hospices (funded through the Hospice UK Care beyond Cancer Programme) in developing such services, and offers useful tips for dealing with them. Authors: Jane Frankland, Angie Rogers and Julia Addington-Hall. (Published 2007)

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