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Media coverage highlights for Hospice UK and our member hospices.

Dr Ros Taylor MBE being interviewed

Letter from Hospice UK published in The Times

A letter from Hospice UK’s Chair, Lord Howard, published in The Times – in response to a report by the Parliamentary Health Ombudsman, which highlighted failures in end of life care in hospitals.

Coverage of Hospice UK’s joint report with the Point of Care Foundation on building resilience in the hospice workforce

A blog from Hospice UK’s Practice Development Lead Marie Cooper was published in The Guardian.

The resilience report featured in the health trade press, including Nursing Times. 

Hospice UK responds to Health Select Committee’s report into end of life care

Hospice UK’s National Director for Hospice Care, Dr Ros Taylor MBE was interviewed by Sky News about recommendations from the Health Select Committee for improving end of life care.

Jonathan Ellis, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Hospice UK, is quoted in the Telegraph calling for the Government to “end the shameful situation where dying people are forced to pay for their social care needs.”

Letter from Hospice UK published in The Telegraph

A letter from Hospice UK’s Director of Policy and Advocacy- Jonathan Ellis - published in The Telegraph, highlighting how hospices can help reduce pressures on hospital beds.

Hospice care featured on Radio 4's Today programme

Lord Howard, Chair of Hospice UK and Dr Ros Taylor MBE, National Director for Hospice Care, were interviewed on Radio 4’s Today programme by presenter Justin Webb. The footage included interviews with patients and staff from the Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted.

  • Main feature on hospice care – February 2015

  • Lord Howard's interview – February 2015

Hospice UK comment piece in The Telegraph

An opinion piece from Hospice UK’s Chair published in The Telegraph highlighted how hospices can help reduce service pressures on hospitals.

Comment piece from Hospice UK's Chair in The Spectator

An opinion piece in The Spectator’s health supplement about Hospice UK’s programme to reduce unnecessary deaths in hospital

Hospice UK's response to RCN's survey on end of life care

Dr Ros Taylor MBE was quoted in The Telegraph responding to a survey by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) on end of life care.

Coverage highlights of Hospice UK's rebrand

News of Hospice UK’s rebrand was covered in the charity and marketing press including:

Hospice UK's response to VAT rebate

Our reaction to the VAT rebate for hospices announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

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