Open up hospice care

Open Up Hospice Care

The chances are that you know someone who needs hospice care.

Perhaps they are living with a terminal illness, and need help to live as well and as normally as they can. Or perhaps they don’t have much time left, and need help to go home from hospital to die in the place they want with the people they most wish to have with them.

Hospices around the UK provide physical, emotional and social support to more than 200,000 people every year.

This includes children and teenagers as well as older people, whose quality of life, comfort and final days could be improved by having expert care and support from their local hospice.

However, some of those who require hospice care are not able to get the support they need, and the demand is rapidly increasing as our population ages. You can help Hospice UK change this.

As your national charity for hospice care, we work with over 220 local hospices to deliver and grow outstanding hospice care for adults and children across the UK. We champion the expert, compassionate and free care that hospices provide, playing a vital role in easing suffering and relieving the heavy burden on families and the NHS. 

It costs £2.7 million every single day for hospices across the UK to provide outstanding care.

Support our campaign to open up hospice care today and help ensure that everyone who needs hospice care, gets hospice care.

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