Date: 2 May 2022
Time: 6:30pm
Organised by: Everyman Cinema

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Event address: Everyman Cinema, Muswell Hill, Screen 5, London, N10 3HP

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A unique, free, screening and live Q&A of the award-winning documentary, The Gift, with director, Dr Barry J Gibb (free tickets live from 25th April).

Synopsis: The Gift (30min) follows fun, vibrant Hastings artist, Barbara Bird, during the final year of her life and beyond her death. Fighting a severe form of breast cancer, we share time with Barbara as she comes to terms with - and celebrates - her own mortality, challenging what makes a good life, a good death, a person? Is it what they say, what they do or the memories they leave with us?

In her typical, fiercely honest style, Barbara was determined to transform notions of death, allowing her own body to be used as art, hoping to help bring meaning and beauty to the loss so many of us have recently, or will, experience throughout life, while offering hope to the living.

The Gift is Barbara’s last work of art. A story that peers into the soul of a person with nothing left to prove or lose. Throughout, Barbara’s approach to creativity, art, life and death intermingle, building their own remarkable human collage that will leave viewers as inspired as they are moved.