Hospice UK responds to the announcement of the pay rise for NHS staff

Jul 22, 2021

The UK government announced on 21 July that it will be offering a 3% pay rise to NHS staff in England.

Responding to the news, Hospice UK CEO Tracey Bleakley said: 

"All staff caring for people at the end of life deserve to be properly rewarded for their hard work, dedication and skill.

"This is no different for the nurses, healthcare assistants and other brilliant staff in the charitably funded hospice sector, who have delivered vital care for hundreds of thousands of dying people through the pandemic, offering critical support to the NHS.

"Hospices in England now face a huge struggle to match the NHS pay increase as they compete to recruit and retain the same staff.

"Right now, this salary top up - which we estimate to be worth at least £25m per year - will need to be met by selling second hand clothes, and by generous people running marathons and selling cakes. We don't think that's acceptable."

"The government talks in its reforms of an integrated health and care system. To achieve that, we need an integrated approach to the workforce providing the care. When it comes to pay, that means providing the funds for hospices and other non-NHS providers to allow them to match the three percent rise."




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