Hospice Care Week is a chance to celebrate hospice care nationwide, and the incredible work that is being done to make sure everyone can benefit from the very best end of life care.

This year, Hospice Care Week takes place from 7 - 13 October 2024. We'll be announcing this year's theme here soon.

Hospice Care Week is a chance to celebrate hospice care and hospice staff across the UK

We are hospice care.

We are nurses, doctors, social workers. We are volunteers, cleaners, therapists.  

We provide compassionate care for people at the end of their life, and support for those who are left behind.  

We are there when you need it most. 

Our theme last year


Hospice Care Week 2023 focused on workforce, under the theme: ‘We are hospice care’. 

Why? Hospices support more than 300,000 people every year. But the need for hospice care is growing. There aren’t enough people to fill the roles we need to look after dying patients and their families. Without people to fill these empty roles, hospices will struggle to keep providing the gold-standard end-of-life care everyone deserves.

We know that hospice staff find it to be the most rewarding and satisfying job of their career. 

That’s why, last Hospice Care Week, we supported you to celebrate everyone that makes hospice care what it is.

Our launch posts


During the week itself, we posted content on our social media channels with the hashtags #HospiceCareWeek and #WeAreHospiceCare.

You can still explore these hashtags on X / Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to see the range of content from us and our members.

You can see our Hospice Care Week launch posts:

LinkedIn post

Twitter post

Facebook post

Instagram post

Youtube film

Our suite of resources, below, helped hospices make the most of the campaign. You can still register for Hospice Care Week updates and information via the link - and to get announcements of Hospice Care Week 2024.

Hospice Care Week hero film

We produced this short hero film, 'We Are Hospice Care', to share during Hospice Care Week. 

The Tik-Tok-style film was used to help celebrate our hospices' workforce. In the video, we hear from a range of staff and volunteers at hospices all around the UK - and what they love most about what they do.

Watch on Youtube

Who took part?


Anyone could get involved in Hospice Care Week, whether with their hospice, with their company or simply with friends and family. Each year, it's a great way of showing support for hospices around the UK.

We supported hospices and organisations with their events and fundraising by sharing event materials and social media assets. Click the 'Hospice Care Week Resources' link below to see these.

Hospice Care Week stories


We developed Hospice Care Week content around our workforce theme, 'We Are Hospice Care'

We heard from hospice staff who have benefited from professional development grants, volunteer gardeners, community connectors and many more - all of whom help make hospice care what it is.

We encouraged people to share these stories to help shine a light on, and celebrate, our hospices' workforce.