Our Compassionate Employers programme


Hospice UK’s Compassionate Employers programme is designed to help organisations look after their people and support employees through grief, dying, and caring.

As the national charity for hospice care, funds generated from our programme support our exceptional hospices across the UK. Your contribution ensures that hospices can continue delivering crucial end-of-life care to everyone who needs it.

"Supporting our employees’ overall wellbeing is fundamental to our diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. We are pleased to participate in Hospice UK’s Compassionate Employers programme.”

Sarah Boddey, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Northern Trust.

As a Compassionate Employer you can help people feel confident and comfortable approaching managers and HR, knowing that they will help. HR can make information and support easy to find, and be ready to talk through the practical implications of the options available

The business case for employers

  • 57% of employees have experienced bereavement in the last five years.
  • Less than one in five managers feel very confident supporting someone they manage with a bereavement.
  • More than 600 people have to quit work to look after older and disabled relatives every day in the UK.
  • 77% of 18- to 34-year-olds would consider leaving their job if their employer did not provide proper support if someone close to them died.
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160,000 employees are supported by Hospice UK’s Compassionate Employers programme.

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What's included:


We build on your existing workplace wellbeing and employee support offer to help you join up your policies, peer support, and communications.

The Compassionate Employers programme will help you foster a proactive, positive environment where supporting a colleague is no longer awkward or uncomfortable.

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