Dying Matters Awareness Week

From 8 - 14 May 2023, we're encouraging communities across the country to come together to talk about death, dying and grief.

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Dying Matters - it's important to talk about it
Woman hugging her granddaughter

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Talking about death, dying and bereavement is hard. It can feel awkward or uncomfortable and sometimes, you just don’t know what to say.

Dying Matters is the campaign that’s trying to change that. Our mission is to break the stigma, challenge preconceptions and normalise public openness around dying.

We know that millions of people like you believe in what we're trying to do. And so we’re working with the public, with the health system and with partners from across the cultural, arts, education and faith sectors to achieve it.

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Phoebe shares her story of the death of her auntie Denise for Hospice UK 'share your story'

We felt grateful to be with her in her final hours

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