The programme aims to support the professional development of individual staff, significantly increasing their expertise in the work they do, rather than training or updating them in the basic skills needed for their role.


Eligible Individuals


All applicants must be working in an eligible organisation as either a:

  • Nurse
  • Healthcare Assistant
  • Doctor
  • Allied Health Professional
  • Social Worker
  • Bereavement Counsellor
  • Administration Staff (HR, Finance, Fundraising)
  • Spiritual Care Worker
  • Pharmacist
  • Complementary Therapists.

Applicants would need to demonstrate how the course would improve patient outcomes.

Eligible Organisations

  • Hospices that are members of Hospice UK based in England, Wales, the Channel Islands or Isle of Man

We encourage matched funding to be committed by the hospice or raised from another funder.

General Criteria


Please read carefully the criteria for the MCF Bursaries - Hospice Staff. This will outline details of what is, and what is not, eligible for funding.

You should apply using the online application form. Full details and access to the online application form is available below.

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How to apply

Please select the below Apply Now button and select Start an Application

- Bursary guidance and criteria

- Example of application form questions - to be used as reference only

- How to claim your Bursary

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In order to offer the MCF bursary programme we are dependent on the generous funding received from the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF, the Freemasons’ charity). The MCF provides significant funding each year towards our grant programmes.   

If you have any problems with the online form, or if you have any other queries about this grant programme, please contact the Grants Team at Hospice UK.