Find out about the aims, terms of reference and leadership of the Executive Clinical Leads in Hospice and Palliative Care (ECLiHP). This is a forum for all executive and aspiring executive clinical leaders engaged in the strategic planning and operational delivery of contemporary hospice care.

It works closely with the Strategic HR and Workforce Leads group (SHaWL).


Find out more about last year's conference, Hospice Career Pathways - the roads less travelled, which took place on 25 April 2023 looking at workforce with a focus on recruitment, retention, development, and wellbeing.

The ECLiHP forum's aims

  • advance clinical leadership in hospice and palliative care, and develop leaders for the present and future
  • facilitate peer support and mentorship to executive clinical leads in hospices and palliative care
  • provide a strong and persuasive voice relating to clinical perspectives of service, planning and delivery, and to engage in constructive lobbying as necessary
  • be a key reference point for executive clinical lead colleagues and Hospice UK
  • facilitate the exchange of information, expertise and learning
  • provide, facilitate and promote executive learning opportunities for clinical leaders.
Download the forum's terms of reference

Leadership and oversight


The work of ECLiHP is overseen by an executive committee consisting of leads from each region together with representation from children's hospices. Administration is provided by Hospice UK with internal leadership from our Clinical Team. 

We have regional groups in most regions: 

Region Lead
Chair Erika Lipscombe, Director of Care, Naomi House
West Midlands Sarah Mimmack, Director of Clinical Services, Birmingham Hospice
North West

Emma Dixon, Deputy Chair, Director of Clinical Services, St Ann’s Hospice

Jenny Gallagher, Clinical Nurse Director Bolton Hospice    

Yorkshire and Humberside Ross Fletcher, Clinical Lead at Barnsley Hospice
Wales Kim Jones, Deputy Head of Clinical Services, Hospice of the Valleys
South West Ann Rhys, Clinical Director, Hospiscare
Northern Ireland Miriam McKeown 
North East Angela Egdell, Director of Care Services, St Oswalds Hospice
Herts, Beds, and North London Jackie Tritton, Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care
London Hospice Clinical Leaders Group Graham Turner, Director of Care and Service Transformation, Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice.
East of England Sara Robins, Director of Clinical Services, Arthur Rank
Children's Rep Suzanne Gabarino-Danson, Clinical Lead at Jigsaw Children’s Hospice / Eden Valley
Hospice UK Representative Anita Hayes, Head of Clinical Leadership

Dot Partington, Deputy CEO, St Columba’s Hospice Care

Margaret Wilkie, Deputy Chief Executive/Head of Clinical Services
St Andrew’s Hospice

Marie Curie Hospices Jane Eades, Associate Director of Nursing and Quality, Marie Curie
NHS Hospices Louise Pennington, Lead Nurse Palliative Care, University Hospitals, Dorset NHS Foundation Trust
South East Suzy O'Callaghan, Director of Clinical Services, St Wilfrid's Hospice

If you are interested in setting up a group in the East Midlands or South Central regions please get in touch.

The executive committee meets four times a year to feed back information from their regions.

ECLiHP members are frequently updated on significant issues so do check back and look out for updates in our quarterly bulletins. Join the network below to receive these.

Benefits of being an ECLiHP member


- Join a network of over 280 subscribers

- Having an executive committee to represent regional groups on regional issues and work with Hospice UK on national issues, which in the past have included: the Role of the Medical Examiner; Changes to CQC inspections; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultations; and Navigating the Integrated Care system

- Access to specific events or discounted rates for ECLiHP members

- An annual Clinical Leaders conference

- A quarterly newsletter with upcoming events, announcements, articles of interest and other opportunities

How to join

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