The Forum of Hospice Chairs is a national network that promotes the role of hospice chairs and trustees, and enables them to communicate their views to Hospice UK.

The role of the Forum


The Forum aims to:

~ facilitate the sharing of experience and useful information between hospice chairs;

~ enable chairs to contribute their expertise, communicate local governance issues at a national level and inform the work of Hospice UK;

~ communicate the work of Hospice UK to the boards of member organisations;

Chairs and trustees of members of Hospice UK are automatically part of the Forum.

Executive Committee


The chairs of members of Hospice UK in each English region elect a representative to sit on an executive committee.

Ros Keeton, Chair of Compton Care, is the current chair of the Forum of Hospice Chairs.

Regional representatives

Region Representative
Chair Ros Keeton, Chair, Compton Care
North East Derek Moss, Chair, St Benedict’s Hospice
Yorks & Humber David Dickson, Chair, St Leonard's Hospice
East Midlands vacant
South West Jeremy Allin, Chair, Lewis Manning Hospice
South East Coast Terry O'Leary, Chair, St Catherine's Hospice
South Central Andrew Meegan, Chair, Naomi House & Jack’s Place 
North West David Brown, Chair, Pendleside Hospice
East of England Terry Philpott, Chair, Isabel Hospice
West Midlands Ros Keeton, Chair, Compton Care
London Sean Hilton, Chair, Princess Alice Hospice
Wales Michael Baker, Chair, City Hospice
Scotland Shona MacDougall, Chair, Highland Hospice
Northern Ireland Gerry Millar, Chair, Northern Ireland Hospice