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  • Organisation
    Five Sisters Managed Services
  • Location
    England - South East
  • Salary
    £21k - £30k
  • Contract type
  • Working hours
    Full Time

Job description

Responsible for:

The overall management and running of the catering service at the assigned company/client site on behalf of Five Sisters Managed Services Ltd. (FSMS).  Ensure all catering operations are run in accordance with and meet or exceed agreed set company/client service level agreement, agreed KPi’s and company policy and procedures. Full responsibility of all catering personnel on site inclusive of training, rostering and HR issues.


Basic function

The Chef Manager is responsible for managing and running specific site catering operations both back and front of house. The Chef Manager is specifically responsible overall for all customer facing food and beverage operations as well as the smooth running of the back of house (kitchen) function that fall within the remit of FSMS although this is assisted by other personnel in its implementation. Departments that fall within these areas include the hospice IPU, hospitality, café/restaurant and any other relevant and reasonable ad-hoc business that arises.

The post holder is expected to be hands on in the kitchen as required along with managing admin office duties inclusive of financial and reporting paperwork, food safety, health & safety compliance including upkeep of maintenance and cleaning throughout catering areas of responsibility.


Organisational context

St Joseph’s Hospice was founded in 1905 by the Religious Sisters of Charity who retain an interest in the oversight of the Hospice.  The Hospice is working to achieve Vision 2024, which has five key strands: patients, enterprise, estates, funding and fundraising, and human resources.  The Hospice seeks to be an outstanding provider of palliative and end of life care.  Each employee is critical to delivering and maintain those standards in accordance with the Hospice’s core values.


Discretion to act

The post holder will be expected to make decisions pertaining to day-to-day running of the specific site but also assist the Head of Catering Operations in key decisions regards changes to the specific site operation. The post holder will have discretion to act in regards to menu planning and preparation to ensure that foods are prepared to the required standards as well as ensuring that customer facing areas are in good operational state and preparedness. The post holder will be expected to act in accordance with the spirit and intention Food Safety legislation and of the catering service and in line with FSMS policies and procedures, seeking professional advice from internal and industry experts as appropriate, and reporting regularly to the Head of Catering Operations.


Scale and impact

The post holder will have full management responsibility for overseeing the work of all site catering staff including department supervisors, chefs, catering assistants, kitchen porters and volunteers. The post holder will also have responsibility of all site stock, inclusive of correct management and procurement. The post holder is also responsible in ensuring that all site specific goods, recipes and menus are costed and meet set financial targets and set KPI’s.

From time to time, the post holder may be required to work at other locations as needed by the business.


This role requires the post holder to be a budget holder as set by specific site budget.

Key accountabilities

  1. Kitchen food preparation
    1. Preparing both Café and hospitality cold foods such as the grab and go café offer and hospitality buffet menu etc. prior to and during operating café hours. Hospitality buffet food items to be prepared in good time prior to the timed event to service to ensure a professional standard and image.

    2. Preparing of workstations for the safe preparation/service of foods being sure that all company policy’s and compliance procedures are followed.

    3. Prepare hospitality trolleys and buffet areas prior to service to ensure a professional standard and image.


  1. Food safety and compliance
    1. Set and lead the catering team to work to Health & Safety and Food Safety policies and procedures.

    2. Cleaning of café premises including floors, walls, sinks, wash hand basins, work surfaces, cupboards etc.

    3. Cleaning large items of equipment including potato ovens, Merrychef microwave etc.

    4. Set and maintain standards of food hygiene at all times to include relevant completion of legal and statutory paperwork and following company policy and food safety guidelines.

    5. Ensure that standards identified in the Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) are met, in accordance with the FSMS Food Safety Management System.

    6. Ensure high standards of personal hygiene in accordance with food safety legislation and the FSMS Food safety Management System.

    7. Either deal with or report any defects to foodstuffs, buildings or equipment that may pose a risk to food safety.

    8. To immediately report any incidents of pests to a responsible staff member on site and complete a relevant pest-sighting log, held on site to ensure rapid corrective action.

    9. Effectively lead and manage all pre-emptive measures relating to food safety and effectively communicate with other catering staff regarding relevant matters.

    10. Ensure that all Food Safety due diligence records are completed timely, filed correctly and kept for a period no less than three months.

    11. Effectively deal with any serious Food Safety breaches in a prompt and re-active manner and ensure that the Head of Catering Operations is notified as soon as reasonable practical.


  1. Health and safety
    1. Wearing the relevant and correct uniform, footwear and minimum jewellery in accordance with food safety legislation and the FSMS Food safety Management System.

    2. Operating a variety of equipment, e.g. ovens, fryers, mixers, Merrychef, dishwashers etc. in line with safety guidelines and relevant training.

    3. Correctly using knives and other cutting equipment as directed through in-house training.

    4. Adhere to and follow all company policies in relation to Health & Safety, systems of work, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and manual handling.

    5. Report defects to buildings or equipment to the site member of staff responsible to ensure rapid corrective action.

    6. Follow and ensure that instructions relating to health and safety are effectively communicated to other catering staff regarding relevant matters.


  1. Contract delivery & service development
    1. Manage and ensure that all site catering services meet minimum levels of quality assurance in-line with relevant client policies as detailed within contractual SLA’s.

    2. Build good relationships with all users of the FSMS catering service not limited to patients, visitors, staff, commercial tenants, delegates and contractor’s.

    3. Attend site meetings with departmental managers to discuss, evaluate and change aspects of the catering service where appropriate but ensuring all changes fall within the set SLA of the client site. Any changes that could affect any set SLA or KPI must be  ratified by the Head of Catering Operations.

    4. Attend meetings with company managers/directors to discuss and evaluate the future direction of the site catering service.

    5. Actively participate and where appropriate, lead in menu development sessions and creativity forums that enable proactive development of the service.

    6. Ensure that all new dishes, recipes, new products are correctly costed that ensures correct financial KPI’s and targeted gross margin.

    7. Being sure to keep up to date with industry trends to ensure that all food offers are relevant to the customer base and user demographics.

    8. Being proficient in the use of computers in the workplace and the Microsoft Office suite of programs.


  1. People management
    1. Line manage, mentor and motivate the FSMS Catering team, conducting regular 121s and annual appraisals that support personal development

    2. Identify training opportunities for FSMS Catering Team to enable staff to give the highest level of service to the company

    3. Ensure managers at each site conduct regular 121s and appraisals, providing support and guidance as needed

    4. Manage resourcing, ensuring that staffing levels are sufficient on site to meet the demands of the service and contract

    5. Manage staff time management where required, on-boarding, taking action to train or make changes to ensure delivery to the highest quality service that complies with food, and health and safety, legislation

    6. Lead and maintain a positive team culture so that teams work collaboratively to the best of their ability


  1. Stock, asset & financial management
    1. Be responsible overall for and ensure that all relevant retail departments and areas such café, hospitality area, vending machines etc. are well stocked that ensures a good level of service without disruption.

    2. Be responsible for and ensure that the main kitchen area is well stocked that ensures a good level of service without disruption.

    3. Ensure that monthly inventory is undertaken in relevant areas of responsibility so that monthly financial reporting can be compiled (café/restaurant, and hospitality areas).

    4. Actively monitor department asset usage and equipment requirements and advise the Head of Catering Operations where changes are required that ensures smooth running of the department.

    5. Immediately report stock or asset loss/discrepancies to the Head of Catering Operations.

    6. Ensure that all financial weekly and monthly bookwork is completed on time as set by monthly calendar dates that allows for timely reporting to head office.


  1. Customer service
    1. Be the client-facing representative of catering offer at FSMS, promoting an inclusive, friendly attitude to all catering service users.

    2. Lead from the front and promote excellent customer service and to satisfactorily deal with any issues that arise e.g. complaints, menu, allergenic/PPDS queries etc.

    3. Ensure that all service users receive the best possible service by interacting and communicating to best practice standards at all times.

    4. Interacting with ward and other hospice staff via telephone and face to face in a professional manner.

    5. Act in a courteous manner to all patients, staff, visitors and work colleagues.

This job expires on 18th December 2023

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