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    The Gold Standards Framework CIO
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    £21k - £30k
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We believe that everyone deserves Gold Standard end of life care and that most care for most people in our ageing population is given by generalist frontline teams who need specific effective training to deliver quality care for people in their last years of life.

Over the past 25 years, the National GSF Centre has provided training for over 5,000 teams, about half a million staff and accredited over 2,000 organisations across health and social care, affirming its position as the UK’s leading, most experienced training provider in end of life care for generalist frontline staff across all health and care settings. We believe in enabling better care for people living and dying with condition, in setting, given by care provider at time.

The National GSF Centre in end of life Care (EOLC) seeks to expand its central strategic and medical/ clinical input within the GSF team to fulfil its mission and goal of improving end of life care for more people.

The GSF Centre has 4 Strategic aims 

  1. To work with others to ensure gold standard care for everyone in the last years of life
  2. To help mobilise the generalist frontline workforce in end of life care
  3. To ensure The GSF Centre is sustainable long term – income generation from GSF trading income
  4. To ensure GSF is sustainable long term - income generation from charitable sources as a new charity

Building on the radical transformational work that GSF achieved in improving EOLC in every UK GP practice by 2010, and with growing mortality and morbidity rates and evolving national policy, there are increasing opportunities for GSF for the future growth and development. Notably as GSF uniquely crosses health and social care and the need for integrated cross-boundary care of population health is made more apparent, there is more to do in translating policy into practice in the developing Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). GSF has a great record in generalist training and collaboration across health and social care, with its well-developed, tried, and tested training and accreditation demonstrating practical improvements in care for those caring for people in the last years of life, particularly in community and social care. So, we believe in GSF’s increasing role to improve EOLC in the future.

We are ambitious in our vision and are seeking a radical step-change in the work of GSF in future. We have a strong, experienced but small central GSF team, working with medical and nursing clinical associates, Regional Training Centres and a very committed Board of Trustees, headed up by Prof Keri Thomas as Founder and Chair. We wish to maintain the strong effective medical/clinical input in future, building on the multi-disciplinary collaboration between doctors, nurses, social care, management etc., to increase numbers benefitting from GSF in the UK and provide more gold standard care for more people.

The GSF Centre CIO has also recently become a new charity, so we need to develop our public facing and grant giving outreach and align messaging with a greater public focus in future.

We seek someone with vision, commitment, and strategic leadership skills, awareness of national policy, medical/clinical experience plus understanding and experience of the benefits of GSF in practice to share in the creative development of solutions to help implement improvements in end of life care (EOLC) nationally.

This person would work constructively with the COO and Finance Lead in a complementary and synergistic way, reporting to the Chair of the Board, and other trustees as appropriate.

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Job Type: Part-time

Pay: £25.00-£50.00 per hour

Expected hours: 8 – 16 per week

Work Location: Remote

This job expires on 31st May 2024

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